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Wingspan Augmented Reality Game

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Our new location-based Augmented Reality game, Wingspan (based on the best-selling board game) invites players into the artistic world of ornithology. In Wingspan you are a bird enthusiast with a goal of collecting and protecting birds in different ecosystems. Using dynamic computer vision we are able to watch in wonder as entire ecosystems of grass, trees and ponds grow around us. Following a map of your surroundings you can walk to find food tokens and discover new birds in your community. Camera translation tracks the position of players relative to virtual objects, like the birds. Each bird is custom built, animated and textured, drawing inspiration from the beautiful hand-painted water-color bird cards in the board game.

Using strategy to collect food tokens and birds, bird enthusiasts compete to attract the most birds to their bird book. Our mobile phones and the power of AR can be used as a window back into our natural world. As we interact with rare and beautiful species of birds in their natural ecosystems, we gain empathy for the future of these creatures beyond this AR experience. If we can spark love for birds in AR, we hope it will carry over to action in people’s daily lives as they consider how their actions impact birds and local ecosystems.

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