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My name is Marjorie Quintos and I am one of the Canadian Licensed Immigration Consultants at Mercan- the largest and most successful immigration consulting firms in Canada specializing in sectors of immigration, investment, education and foreign worker recruitment.

I'm outlining a unique series called, "Roadmap to Canada". These series will provide viewers practical and realistic advice so that they can pave their way to their new home Canada while avoiding the pitfalls caused by illegal recruiters, ghost immigration consultants & scammers. Subscribe and click on the bell button to get notified! Thanks.

I joined Mercan in 2005, they trained me and honed me to where I am today.
There are several ways to immigrate to Canada which worked with over a million Filipinos who now live here. Filipinos who are still aspiring to migrate are being left behind because the criteria got more complex & they are not properly advised. At present, MERCAN has 10 Immigration Consultants who are licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). The company is also supported by over 120 employees, lawyers, recruitment officers, student advisors, financial analysts, career counsellors and processing staff.Over 30 years in operations globally, MERCAN Group has built an international network of offices inCanada, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, China, Cambodia and theUnited States, as well as agent/partner offices in over 30 countries.

At Mercan, We have helped bring more than 50,000 foreign immigrants to Canada of various origins. Through our recruitment companies, we brought almost 15,000 foreign workers into Canada, the USA, the Middle East, Malaysia and the Caribbean Islands. Lastly, we have raised over $ 2 billion in foreign investment capital for various investor immigration programs in Canada, Portugal and the USA.

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