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Top 10 Games That Are Better Than Risk

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So you've played Risk, it's fun, but you're looking for something more. Maybe something a bit shorter? Maybe something where you're not stuck in a corner knowing you can't win for half the game? Maybe something more elegant, more tactical, more player powers....just more.

Then this video is for you; we're going to dive into 10 games that share the same feeling as Risk, but wrapped in a much better package. From Small World to Blood Rage, we've got you covered!

Time Stamps:
0:02:02 Small World
0:03:52 Nexus Ops
0:05:18 Shogun
0:06:58 Rising Sun
0:09:04 Rurik: Dawn of Kiev
0:10:55 Kemet
0:13:37 Empires: Age of Discovery
0:16:05 Cyclades
0:18:38 Inis
0:21:19 Blood Rage

Links to Buy:
Small World - https://boardgameco.com/products/small-world
Nexus Ops - https://boardgameco.com/products/nexus-ops
Shogun - https://boardgameco.com/products/shogun
Rising Sun - https://boardgameco.com/products/rising-sun
Rurik: Dawn of Kiev - https://boardgameco.com/products/rurik-dawn-of-kiev
Kemet - https://boardgameco.com/products/kemet
Empires: Age of Discovery - https://boardgameco.com/products/age-of-empires-iii-the-age-of-discovery
Cyclades - https://boardgameco.com/products/cyclades
Inis - https://boardgameco.com/products/Inis
Blood Rage - https://boardgameco.com/products/blood-rage

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