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To Catch a Predator - The Maybe Predator

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Some of the men who’ve come to our undercover houses over the years have come up with some pretty imaginative reasons for being there: like “I’m looking for work,” “I do blacktop sealing” and “I’m just driving around trying to learn the area again.”
And this next man’s excuse for showing up at our house in Long Beach, California, also ranks way up there… because he tells us he’s come for educational reasons.
Our encounter begins online when 29-year-old college student Farzad Kalantari—thinks he’s been chatting with a 12-year-old girl.
And it sure doesn’t sound like he’s talking about schoolwork...
thisplacesux_ihateit (chat transcript): we can talk on here
farzadboy2003: if you like sex
thisplacesux_ihateit: if i like sex???? i dont get what u mean
farzadboy2003: s*ck my **** and f*** u.
But then he tells her they would have sex.
farzadboy2003: do u have any coundom.

The decoy says no. Then Kalantari writes,
farzadboy2003: i must go shopping
Now he’s in the undercover house, introducing himself to the decoy. And then Chris comes out.
Chris Hansen (walks out): Hi, nice to meet you. How are you?
Farzad Kalantari: Good. Fine.
Hansen: Good, please have a seat right over there. How old is the girl you were coming to see?
Kalantari: Is 14.
Hansen: Fourteen.
Kalantari: Yeah.
Hansen: That’s not what she told you on the Internet though. -- you said 14, she says right here 12.
Kalantari: Oh. Really?
Hansen: Yeah.
Kalantari: Ok, younger than this age.
Hansen: Younger than you said.
That’s when he tells us he’s not there for sex— he’s here to help her get ahead in school....
Kalantari: -- you need to study, you need a good education.
Hansen: You came here to tell her that she should—
Kalantari: Yes.
Hansen: --be studying.
Kalantari: Yes. Really.
Hansen: But you also seem to indicate, in this chat, that the education you wanted to give her was sex education.
Kalantari: No.
Hansen: Did you forget what you talked about? Only once, that I can see in the transcript, did you talk about the importance of education. And—
Kalantari: No, I—I—
Hansen: Virtually everything else—talks about—taking a shower with her. Having sex with her.
Hansen: “bleep my BLEEP and BLEEP you.” That’s what you said. That’s what you said you wanted to do.
Kalantari: Ok, my English is not good, you know. Now I speak with you and I’m Austria I—
Hansen: I’m sorry?
Kalantari: I’m—born in Austria.
Hansen: In Austria.
Kalantari: Yeah, I’m not English is perfect.
Hansen: Right. But that’s a pretty universal language right there. “Blank my blank and blank you.” That’s English—
Kalantari: Right.
Hansen: -- Do you know what that means?
Kalantari: Yeah.
Hansen: Yeah. Ok. So, why would you say that to a 12-year-old girl?
Kalantari: My mistake. But I don’t like to do—
Hansen: Your mistake.
Kalantari tells me this is the first time he’s had a chat with an underage girl. But I point out to him that, according to Perverted-Justice, he had a sexually-charged chat less than two weeks earlier with a decoy who said she was under 14 years old.
Kalantari: Only just—chatting, you know.
Hansen: Right, but see, here’s the thing—what you said just a minute ago is not what you’re saying now. Do you have a condom with you?
Kalantari: No.
Hansen: You don’t. Do you have it in your car?
Kalantari: No. Do you want to check my car?
Hansen: I didn’t say that. I’m just asking you did you bring condoms.
Kalantari: No. No. No.
Hansen: Then why did you ask her if she had condoms here?
Kalantari: Yeah, ok, only ask.
Hansen: Well, here is what you need to know. I’m Chris Hansen.
Kalantari: Is police?
Hansen: I’m not police. I’m with “Dateline” NBC and we’re doing a story on people—
Kalantari: Oh.
Hansen: who—try to meet underage boys and girls online for sex. So if there’s anything else you’d like to tell us—
Kalantari: Sorry. No, no. bye.
Kalantari says goodbye to us, and hello to the Long Beach police.

At the processing center, Kalantari is distraught and says he’s thinking of killing himself. And unlike what he told us, police found condoms in Kalantari’s pocket. Later, Kalantari pleaded guilty to one count of an attempted lewd act upon a child.

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