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To Catch a Predator - The Honest Predator

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Check out BakedSalmon's analysis of Nick Bailey:

Nick's chat log:

Yet another conviction from our Ohio sting operation, this time it's Nicholas Bailey. Every single man in the Ohio sting drove themselves a pretty lengthy distance to get at what they thought was a child. Bailey was no different, seeking physical affection from what he thought was a minor and making the trip. We're glad to see a resolution to this case.

Notes from the Contributor, Samuel Adams:
On September 7th Nicholas Bailey pled guilty to a lesser charge; Attempted Contributing to the Unruliness of a Child, a Misdemeanor of the second degree. The charges were reduced by the prosecutor on a plea agreement.

The judge accepted his plea and found him guilty. Bailey was sentenced to 90 days in the Darke County Jail with 75 days suspended, provided no violations of post release sanctions; paying fines, ISP supervision, probation for 2 years, 40 hours community service, paying for 1/18th of the overtime paid in the course of this investigation ($1, payable in a lump sum), DNA samples provided to Ohio AG's Office via Adult Probation, no use of drugs/alcohol to include random urinalysis, be evaluated for substance abuse, no possession of pornographic matter, complete sex offender risk reduction and education, no violations of Federal, State and local laws/ordinances, follow regulations of Adult Probation and pay for all testing and education.

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