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To Catch a Predator - The Fishing Predator

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Audio clips courtesy of: High Priestess Ember Enfierno:

32-year-old Corey Edgar, nicknamed Rick.
Edgar, using the screen name “ricks_talented_tongue” chatted online with a decoy who told him she was a 12-year-old girl.
He tells her he’s sending a picture of his penis. He asks if the girl has condoms, and in graphic terms, if he can perform oral sex on her.
But in the middle of the chat, he suddenly becomes suspicious:

ricks_talented_tongue (chat log): I have a strong feeling you are either a undercover or a cop trying to set older guys up.. you hear about it all the time
thisplacesux_ihateit: ur insane

Corey Edgar (at the house, sees Hansen): See?
Chris Hansen (walks out): You are a suspicious guy, Rick.
Edgar: I told you there’s people here.
Hansen: I want to speak with you for a minute. Why don’t you have a seat right over there.
Edgar: I don’t—I wasn’t planning on any of this.
Hansen: Good, I want to hear the whole story. So come on over here and have a seat. You can tell me all about it.
Edgar: Geeze, I might as well, just—my life’s over. My life’s over.
Hansen: Rick, now I’ve got some transcripts here of your conversation with this girl.
Edgar: Didn’t—I did not want this to happen—I didn’t do anything—
Hansen: Please have a seat on this stool. Relax. Calm down for a minute.
Hansen: Alright, let me just, so let’s clear the air...
Edgar: I’ve never done anything like this.
Hansen: Let me read to you the first line out of your mouth. “Hello, how’re you doing? Can I tease and please your blank with my tongue, and make you blank over and over?” Right after that, she tells you she’s 12.
Edgar: And then I said, “Y—you’re a little too young. Please—“
Hansen: Right. You say, “I knew a young female like would like that.”
Edgar: You’re arresting me and everything like that.
Hansen: I’m not, I’m not arresting you.
Edgar: They are.
Though he doesn’t see them, Edgar seems to know the police are outside.
And that shouldn’t be a surprise. Remember that Edgar sent this picture of what he said was his penis?
Edgar: That ain’t mine. No.
Hansen: Whose was it?
Edgar: I have no clue. That ain’t mine.
Hansen: So you didn’t send her, or transmit, or let her see—
Edgar: It—it was a fake picture, is what it was.
Hansen: Okay, but you transmitted it?
Edgar: Yes.
Hansen: It may not have been you, but you transmitted a picture of somebody’s genitals—
Edgar: All I did was copy it and I did that. That’s it.
Hansen: Okay. Do you think that’s appropriate behavior, when talking to somebody who says she’s a 12-year-old?
Edgar: No, it’s not.
Hansen: No. okay
Edgar: Read what I wrote to her this morning when she kept playing—trying to get an older guy. “This is wrong,” I s—I clearly said, “Please leave me alone. Do not message me.” What does she keep doin’, she keeps messaging me. And m—trying to get an older guy to come over here.
Hansen: So it’s her fault?
Edgar: No, it’s not—it—
Hansen: Blame the victim...
Edgar: It’s not my fault. It’s not her fault.
Hansen: Not your fault, Rick? You kept going with the conversation.
Edgar: I came here because I was going to get cigarettes, fill up my tank and then go fishing.
Hansen: What, you thought they sell cigarettes at this house?
Edgar: No.
Hansen: Do you think they sell gas at this house?
Edgar: No, I do not.
Hansen: Then why even stop here, then, if all you were going to do today is get cigarettes and gas.
Edgar: That’s why it was wrong for me to even stop here, and I just--
Hansen: Come on you gotta have some sort of...
Edgar: I was going fishing. Check my trunk. I—I have my fishing gear. My fishing license is in my console. I was going fishing.
Hansen: It sounds like what you’re fishing for was sex with a 12-year-old girl is what you were fishing for.
Edgar: Just please check my trunk—
Hansen: ... now you told me already about getting gas and going fishing...
Edgar: Who are you?
Hansen: Who am I?
Edgar: Yes.
Hansen: I’m Chris Hansen, Dateline, NBC. And we’re doing a story on adults, who try to meet children on-line for sex. Now, if there’s anything else you wanna tell us, we’d be happy to hear it. If not, feel free walk right out the door you came in.
Edgar: I don’t want to walk out the door. They gonna take me anyway.
Hansen: Is there anything else you want people to know of your situation?
Edgar: My life is screwed. I’m done. My family’s done. They’re waiting to arrest me. They’re waiting to take me to jail.
In fact, the Long Beach police are getting into position.
Hansen: Staying here isn’t gonna help you.
Edgar: I just feel like I’m gonna throw up.
Hansen: If you like. Now, Rick, I think it’s time to go.

Edgar is charged with one count of an attempted lewd act upon a child. He later plead no contest to one count of an attempted lewd act upon a child.

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