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The Sims 4 Brookheights Open World Mod - Walkthrough

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Hey guys!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments and messages about the trailer of Brookheights, I put all my love and energy in this short film and I'm so happy that you liked it.

Here is a 25min walkthrough of Brookheights, so you can see how it works. I let the footage with no cuts so you get an idea of the loading screen-free gameplay.

Beta Testing starts Oct. 8th on

Get more info about the Mod Pack on my website:

Download LittleMsSam's Mods and support her on:
Download TwistedMexi's Mods and support him on:

Thank you so much, once again, for being here and supporting my work, I have no words to express how grateful I am to get support from all of you!

Also please forgive my english and my awkwardness sometimes, I'm really tired and not used to speak for so long :)

Enjoy the video,
Lots of love,

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