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SUCCESSFUL HEIST! TSM vs 100T - Most INSANE Game 5 in LCS 2020 spring split | Legends S6E11

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TSM triumphs over 100 Thieves in an instant classic in LCS spring split 2020. After winning game 1, the TSM boys quickly found themselves in a 1-2 hole against 100T. With all looking lost, would they surrender in defeat? Or would they band together to pull off one of the most insane comebacks ever in League 2020? We have your exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the emotional highs and the crushing lows the boys experienced to achieve their unforgettable victory. Oh yeah, and Bjergsen's bald now... Featuring your favorite LOL Team: Bjergsen, Broken Blade, Dardoch, Kobbe, and Biofrost

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