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Sitemark Wraith-FX Impact .30-Predator Polymag Daytime Squirrel and Pellet Recovery

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We received a tin of .30 Predator Polymags (Thanks Predator International!) to try out in the .30 cal FX Impact, and while we were setting up a profile for them in the Sightmark Wraith (Thanks Utah Airguns for the hook up!) this squirrel happened by at 25 yards. We thought it would be a good opportunity to check out the daytime recording feature and learned a few things in the process.

The angle of the shot yielded a pellet recovery, so that data is included, and Polymags expand!

WARNING-This is a pest control video. A squirrel is legally and humanely shot using an airgun, and if you don't want to see that sort of thing, then this is not the video for you.

If you want more information about any of the gear used in this video or where we got ours, we hope you find these links useful.

Sightmark Wraith Day/Night Scope

FX Impact .30 cal

Saber Tactical Bag Rider, Adjustable Butt Pad, Cheek Riser and ARCA Swiss Rail

DonnyFL Ronin

Predator International (Polymag Pellet)

Picatinny Rail Extension by Lion Gears

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