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Sandler Rule #48: A Life Without Risk Is a Life Without Growth

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Hi, it's Dave. This is rule number 48. A life without risk is a life without growth. You know, as an individual salesperson, we want to grow all the time. Our environment is changing all around us. You know, the way that we sold 10 years ago is not the way that we sell today. So we have to continually grow just to keep up with what's going on in today's environment. So as we grow, we risk. We risk, "Maybe I'm doing the wrong thing, maybe I didn't say the right thing." But risking that is much better than indecision or being stuck in a comfort zone.

And that's what this rule says. Grow, push, take a chance, minimize the risk by making sure that you've analyzed it, you've practiced, you've done everything necessary. But in order to grow, you are going to have to tiptoe through that risk field. That's just the way it is. Because the alternative is you're going to be in a comfort zone. And when you're in a comfort zone, the reality of the world is other people around you may not, and you're going to be left behind. Good luck.

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