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Real Estate Agent: Reality vs Expectations

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Learn how to sell houses from Bryan: http://engineeredtruth.com/bryan-casella-courses

In his first year as an agent he sold 15 houses, and his second year he's sold 30 homes. My guest Bryan is one the most successful real estate agents I've met. He makes cold calls and goes door-to-door everyday. In just 3 years, he runs his own small team out of his office. Expand for timeline:

Bryan's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BryanArgentina

00:41 Introduction of the guest
02:55 1st card - You need a lot of money
04:35 Prospecting
07:36 2nd card - You have to know a lot of people
12:35 3rd card - You have to be a people's person
14:49 First experience in prospecting
16:25 4th card - You need a college degree?
18:10 5th card - You need to be with a big company
20:04 6th card - You don't have to talk to people
21:20 7th card - You have to join a team when you're new
22:44 Advices
24:16 Last tips
25:30 "Door-to-door Mastery"

You can check out Brian's YouTube channel here:

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