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PREDATOR VS MARVEL (This Week in Comic Speculation)

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From Predator, the Green Lantern and Black Lightning to CBCS vs This week's blog review is packed FULL of wonderful content.

Do you think Jessica Cruz is lined up to become the next Harley Quinn? What about the Predator VS Marvel argument? Join the conversation down in the comments! Be sure to check out the podcast. There are new episodes every week! Did you hear about our SWAG SHOP? Things are already selling out so if you like the shirt Regie is wearing, you can check it out on our shop.

Swag Shop:

Comic Strip Art Speculation: Dick Tracy Daily Comic Strip

Predator Versus Marvel

Black Lightning Art Strikes--Or has the storm passed?

The next Harley Quinn: Jessica Cruz? Pipeline? Let's chat.

The End of the CBCS Grading Adventure

The Last Ronin: His TMNT Renaissance


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