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PARENTING 101 - Are we putting our KIDS AT RISK? Ep - 61

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Welcome back to the very beautiful Malololailai Island, Fiji. We took a little tikki around the anchorage with a boat load of kids. It was a beautiful still day, just perfect for a dip in the ocean, so we let the kids drag and bow plough there way back to Musket Cove only to be told that we were putting our kids at risk with our choice of play. Really? We have been dragging behind the boat on and of for five years. No mishaps, no injuries, no deaths. Over that same time frame Rachel managed to crash her car three times. Three times! So where is the most risk? And why does Rachel still have a licence no questions asked? Mental not to self, look in to removing Rachel’s driving licence. Anywho Rob has a bit to say about risk and the power of play.
Also, in this episode we compare our injuries and call for a big virtual hug for our lovely EMC, Declan whose girlfriend flew home to New Zealand.
You have one more week to get your entries in for a chance to win the Michael Hill gold pendant. Just comment below what you have done, do, or intend to do to keep the waterways clear of trash. It’s a simple as that. And while you’re at it why not like, subscribe and turn on notifications so you never miss another episode.
Luna Keller – I don’t know where I’m going
JJ Heller – Save me – Musicbed.com
Jamie Lono – New Orleans – Musicbed.com
Tyler Williams – Never stop – Musicbed.com
Sugar Jesus Goldford – Can’t be happier – musicbed.com

Who are we?
In 1997, after a disastrous Olympic rowing campaign, Rob decided to row a seven-metre plywood boat, 2500 miles from Tenerife in the Canary Islands to Barbados in the Caribbean. It took 6 weeks and he and his rowing partner, Phil Stubbs, won the inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race.

Skip forward to 2014, we invested in Javelot a 43 ft Fountaine Pajot catamaran. Armed only with Robert's 3 years of racing P class yachts from the age of 11 to 13, and Rachel's non existent sailing knowledge, we set off to learn the ropes of ocean sailing. We broke stuff, replaced stuff and got to know our boat before heading offshore with our three children, Finn 17, Declan 15 and Ivan 12, in tow.
Through trial and error, we have become confident wayfarers, kind of.
Our plan? To sail around the world, meet the locals and record our adventures. Part of the journey will be retracing Rob’s eldest brother Kerry’s travels at sea. Using Kerry’s original letters from the 1970’s we will re trace his movements from Australia through Indonesia and South East Asia to Cambodia where Kerry’s life was cut short after straying into Cambodian waters in 1978. Kerry and two friends were attacked by a Khmer Rouge gun boat, captured, tortured and executed.
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Never stop wandering, never stop wondering.

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