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Overhauling Power - Refined Power Mod update [Satisfactory Game]

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Hello guys and welcome back to another Satisfactory Mod review and today we're returning to Refined Power and boy they've done it again! Their new approach to modular power will change the way we play!

0:00 Update
0:40 Refined Power Mk1
2:17 Automated Burner Update
3:18 Refined Power Mk2
4:40 Modular Power
09:10 Refined Power Mk3
12:20 Should You Get This Mod?
13:30 Future Updates

I make many references to the old refined power spotlight - check out the difference here:

If this is a mod that you want to grab for your game be sure to grab the new SMM from to make your mod install super easy, if you're not sure how, check my written guide and video on installing mods on:

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