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New DMC Game | Devil May Cry 2 Remake in Development?! | Thoughts & More!

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Devil May Cry 2 Remake. What's going on guys? RBG here, back with another Devil May Cry related video. It seems like its been forever since I reported anything on this franchise. I believe the last thing I covered was the rumors that DMC5 would be getting a special edition which turned out to be true. With the exception of a few things. Like we never got those swim suits for Lady & Trish or the Lady's Night missions. But we got Vergil so that's dope. Funny enough he had pitched the idea for the first Dragon's Dogma game shortly before he was brought on board to work on his first DMC project which was Devil May Cry 2. And that leads me to 1 of the biggest theories revolving around Itsuno's tweet. The possibility of him coming back to remake Devil May Cry 2. A game that everyone chooses to look over because of how bad and disjointed it feels from the other entries in the series. The story was uneventful and the gameplay & overall difficulty was laughable compared to the first game. Like I remember being so hyped to play Devil May Cry 2 when it was first announced. I absolutely loved the overall design for Dante and till this very day its still may favorite look for the character. Ironically enough it's the only costume that hasn't been featured in any of the sequels as an unlockable. which devil may cry is the best. where devil may cry. will devil may cry 5 special edition be on ps4. devil may cry is overrated. devil may cry is overrated. devil may cry and Bayonetta. We've had the original costume from the first game in DMC3 but we have yet to see what the DMC2 costume looks like with updated graphics.

0:00 Intro
0:22 Longtime No See
0:41 Sponsor Time!
2:09 Its Been a Crazy Ride for DMC
3:03 Hideaki Itsuno's Plan
5:17 Devil May Cry 2 Remake?
6:11 DMC2 Development History
7:30 The Positives of DMC2
8:21 What Could've Been

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