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New Cheat? [Anti-Backstab!]

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G'day all MrPaladin here.

Very few things surprise me in this game. So when I stumbled on this script-kiddie "hacking" I had to keep poking at it to try to work out what the cheat was doing for them.

VAC is supposed to keep the game clear of these kinds of things, but if it is not being obvious it can be very hard to tell who is employing a cheat. the hardest players to detect are the ones who have no aimbot on but have ESP (or wallhack/wallbot) and are able to see you through walls but unless they have the cheat disabled on spies a spy can tell if a player is reacting to them while under a full cloak.

Take a look at this player and let me know what you think! It sure surprised me!

Music: Elektronisch Unterwegs (Kielokaz ID 126) by KieLoKaz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License. (unmodified but cut/shortened and looped)

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