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LeBron's Most UNDERRATED Season! - He Played EVERY Game!

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Before JR Smith's epic meltdown, LeBron undoubtedly had one of his most historic seasons of his career! He single handedly carried the Cavaliers back to the finals for his 8th straight finals appearance, but this time without Kyrie Irving and a lackluster Kevin Love. LeBron beat the Pacers in 7 games, tore up the Toronto Raptors with amazing shots and a buzzer beater for the ages. LeBron then overcame the odds and destroyed the Celtics in 7 games after they went up 2-0 on their home floor. The King would then continue his dominance in Game 1 of the Finals vs the SUPERTEAM GSW where he scored 51 points… The rest is history, but let's look back at his historic season and cherish LeBron's most EPIC moments for what might be his most underrated season of his long and beautiful career!

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