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I Live in an Upside down House | Animated Story about my Pranker Father

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My dad works as a comedian. He earns a living participating in stand-up comedies and his shows are very popular, so we don't have any financial problems, but we have trouble trusting dad.
No, he is quite a decent family man, neither an alcoholic nor a tyrant. Just because of his profession, my mother and I cannot understand when he is telling the truth and when he is lying. Sometimes it seems that his whole life is a big joke. He is trolling all his friends, us, and even himself almost around the clock, and it's not that easy to live with this.
And that is why when dad invited us to see our new house, which we were going to move to soon, my mom and I took caution. Probably, this was another joke because we did not plan to move anywhere, and, after all, why did not he consult my mother and me when buying a house? Well, this definitely looks like a
When dad brought us to the upside-down house, Mom and I started laughing and thought that we came there to have fun, so we immediately entered it.
And we were just shocked when we saw many of our family photos inside and even some things from our apartment. In short, it was the moment when it became clear to us that dad was not joking about buying a What if he purchased it to make a family museum here?
But this time we haven’t guessed either, and we had 15 days to move since our former apartment was put up for sale by dad and he had already found a buyer for it. I had no time for jokes because I could not understand how a normal adult could buy this place to live Tell me, how?!
In response to my indignation, dad just replied that everyone had ordinary homes, but we had an upside-down house. For some reason, he thought that it was very cool. Meanwhile, my mom even seemed to be happy about the fact that we were going to move. Is there anything wrong with me? Why don't I share the enthusiasm of my parents?
When we moved, there began my nightmare because it's one thing to enter an upside-down house for 20 minutes for fun, and another thing is to live in it. This is a total mess. My brain just refused to understand what was going on and why everything around me was upside down, so I was being really stupid. In addition, from now on, our domestic life has become really complicated. Rather, it totally ceased to exist.
Well, just imagine a bed on the ceiling. Why the hell is it there, I wonder? Unless, of course, you want to look at it and imagine yourself on a clean soft bed, and then sigh in a sad manner and lie down on ceiling? Damn, this blows my mind.
The same applied to the cooker and other pieces of furniture, but things were especially interesting with the toilet. What was one supposed to do with the senseless stone monster hanging over their head? Let’s suppose that I manage to get to it somehow, and what will happen after? It's scary to imagine
Well, of course, it was impossible to live like that, so I asked my dad to move all things from the ceiling to the floor, that is, to put them on the ground, but, as it turned out, there was no way to do it. That's why we had to buy mattresses for sleeping and put on the ceiling, to buy a small single-burner stove and install a simple toilet in the corner. In short, we started living a very modest life, but were constantly admiring the expensive interior on the ceiling. There was good furniture, expensive appliances, and a cool custom-made toilet made in some workshop. That didn’t make any sense…
It’s also worth telling how I got distracted and was trying to climb to the or the floor? In short, I was going to stand upside down to use the dishes or a sink. Our life has turned into real mess, and I noticed that dad also felt uncomfortable staying in our upside-down house, but for some reason, he didn't want to change anything. Well, I don’t know why but, my mother was OK with everything too, and I again felt stupid and miserable because I was not satisfied with anything there.
When I left the house, sometimes I fell to the ground because it was unusual to see normal space without trees instead of sky and actually without the sky under my feet. That is, when I was not at home, my world was turning upside down and I felt really scared and dizzy.
You know, all this time I’ve been sure that this was some kind of prank that was about to come to an end. And I was constantly waiting for but it never ended. And this really drove me crazy because it was just impossible to get used to such an upside-down

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