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I GAINED 7KG IN AN HOUR?! INSANE Cheat Meal at Plaza Sing!

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In this video, we headed down to Plaza Singapura for a MASSIVE cheat day where I ate food fit for more than 10!

Even though it was a tough challenge for me, I managed to finish almost all of the food and gained a whopping !! I treated this more like a cheat day than an actual challenge, as I wanted to take my time to savour the food.
Overall, I think I really took full advantage of my cheat day because it just felt I was at a buffet.

PSA: If you were to order EVERYTHING I had in the video through Capita3Eats before 8 November, it would cost just slightly over $100!!!
For this cheat day, I ate:
1. Curry Chicken Baked Rice at $5 ( $) from Swensen’s
2. Butter Chicken Curry with Rice at $5 ( $) from Café&Meal MUJI
3. 4 Pax Value Set Meal at $50 ( $) from Nanjing Impressions
4. Chicken Nanban with Homemade Egg Mayonnaise at $5 ( $) from Tamago-En
5. Skillet Fry-up at $5 ( $15) and Café Latte at 2 for $2 ( $12) from Joe & Dough
6. Lu Rou Fan at $ ( $) from Typhoon Café
7. Pan Seared Salmon with Aglio Oglio Set at $5 ( $16) from Arteastiq
8. 3pc Oppa Chix at $5 ( $) from Hongdae Oppa
9. Chicken Pad Thai at $$ ( $) from Bangkok Jam
10. 1 Ready-to-eat Acai Pint at 4 for $20 ( $50) from Acai Beach Club
View Capita3Eats’ full offerings at

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