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How to Download Clash QUEST on IOS Beta launch. Change Apple ID location. No VPN

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К сожалению, только зарегистрированные пользователи могут создавать списки воспроизведения.


Link to address generator:

Refresh the page a few times to get fresh details.

1) if you account has money on it this won't work. to fix u must either spend ur money or make a new apple ID account which you can use for the download. (you can easily switch back)
2) FINLAND not denmark. ppl in the comments saying Denmark isn't working haven't watched the full video. select finland.
3)don't copy and paste details from the address generator. type them in using the correct format. (first 3 numbers then last 6 for the phone number)
4) Don't use the data I used in the video. generate your own.

In this video, I'll show you how to change your Apple ID location to Finland specifically which will allow you to download Clash Quest for free and easily, This method can be done quickly and easily and doesn't take much effort!

This method doesn't require the use of a VPN. No VPN is needed and no VPN is required for this download of clash quest. This method is also free and quick. no money needed :)

Have fun clashing! ;)

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