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GoldenEye 007 N64 - Control - 00 Agent - No Damage (UltraHDMI)

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No damage playthrough of GoldenEye on real hardware, 00 Agent and with autoaim disabled. Not a speedrun and not going for speed either, just my playstyle for no damage.
Oh boy, Control. You have to look at your back all the time the second you bring Natalya up for the hacking part. Thankfully there are strats to get rid of the guards at the end by luring them out with the mines, which I do here.
Hardest parts here are the section after the locked door is opened by Natalya with all the camping nade guards, and then obviously the section where you defend Natalya. After that you have to time the rush to the elevator correctly or else you'll risk getting shot from behind.

System: UltraHDMI (AA OFF, Deblur ON) - NTSC, EverDrive-64
Capture card: AVerMedia GC573
Controller: Original N64 controller with a Grade A SteelBowl from SteelSticks64.

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