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Foxeer Predator 5 Micro FPV Camera. Supplied by Banggood

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With a spec list that's slightly better than the 4 previous models, the Predator 5 boasts a lens, it's own OSD with a dedicated voltage sensor, and configurable battery alert. Also, something I've not seen before, a crosshair! We'd better get it on a quad and get flying!

This camera was kindly supplied by Banggood for review, so please use this (affiliate) link if you want to take a look at the product in more detail +

As I mentioned, I still think the best FPV camera out there is the Caddx Ratel you can check out my review here

In a smaller quad, there's always the Baby Ratel review here

...and for really tiny quads, look no further than the Ant Nano with the review here

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