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[ENG SUB] Autumn Cicada 01 (Allen Ren, Li Man) (2020) | Compelling agent drama

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???? Autumn Cicada (Allen Ren, Li Man) 秋蝉
Genres: Agent, Romance, Suspense

????Plot summary:
Our hero is a young man emanating with patriotism and begins his career in Hong Kong, helping with the establishment of a military base and an intelligence agency. To collect information about the Japanese, he goes by the name Qiu Chan and with the two identities coming into conflicts with the work and people around, he encounters many dangerous situations. When his identity is exposed, he’s caught and interrogated in Japan, only escaping with the help of his true love. They are a group of young people ready to die for the greater cause of their country and they continue to fight alongside each other.

Ye Chong - Allen Ren
He Ying - Li Man

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