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Devil Docs - Full Episode | Season 1 | VET Tv

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Episode 1: Hospital Corpsman Third Class (HM3) Jessica Squibb reports in for her first day at the 7th ESB BAS, Camp Pendleton. Upon her arrival, she meets her new leadership, rekindles an old friendship, and makes the acquaintances of a couple of docs who seemingly all have premeditated agendas with her. It’s here where one obstacle after another will test HM3 Squibb’s might as she tries to maintain focus on the tasks at hand.


If you like this episode, then you’re going to want to watch the rest of the series and everything we have to offer. We have stuff for grunts, military police, admin types, the list goes on. There’s something for every branch, if you like laughing about the ridiculousness that is active duty military...then you’re going to want to subscribe to VET Tv and watch some savage content. We don’t hold back.

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Hollywood creates movies and TV shows about the military for the civilian population. VET Tv creates TV shows FOR veterans, we make stuff that makes us feel like we’re back in the barracks, stuff that makes us feel like we’re not the only twisted minds in the world.

We’re here for you, we get it.

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