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Coyote Attacks Decoy At 8 Yards | Predator Control While Turkey Hunting | Realtree Spring Thunder

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S3.E38. Bryan Brown and Tyler Jordan head back to Alabama for another bout with birds. It's a warm overcast morning in search of three longbeards that are known to roost on a pine ridge that runs along Mill creek. During the hunt, they're surprised by a coyote as it attacks their H.S. decoy shortly after setting up. How does it all play out?

0:30: They get ready for the morning turkey hunt. They have plans to set up on a few stubborn turkeys.

2:10: They don't hear any gobbling on the roost. So, they move throughout the early morning in hopes of stumbling across one.

4:05: Eventually, they hear the first gobble of the morning. The two hunters rush to set up before the bird walks in.

7:25: The gobbler doesn't commit to their setup, but something else does. A big song dog comes in and trashes the H.S. decoy setup. So, Brown trashes it.

10:15: While looking at the expired 'yote, Brown gets the birds they originally set up on to gobble. They sit right back down where they were before and wait them out.

11:15: Soon after, three longbeards come walking down the roadbed straight toward the setup. Do they come in range?

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