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COVID-19 Pandemic | A quarter of a billion people at risk of COVID-19: WHO's Dr Mary Stephens

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A new study report that says coronavirus could kill 150,000 people in Africa in a year unless urgent action is taken. A new World Health Organisation modelling study that says nearly a quarter of a billion people will be infected. According to the Centre for Disease Control on the continent, cases are well over 70 000, while the death toll, is fast approaching 3 000.
Recoveries are approaching 26 000. North Africa continues to be the hardest-hit of the five geographic regions in terms of the number of cases with close to 25 0000, followed by West Africa close to 22 500, Southern Africa slightly above 13 000, East Africa just above 7 000 and Central Africa edging towards 7 000. For an overview of the continent, we have asked Dr Mary Stephens, Technical Officer at the World Health Organisation Regional Office for Africa.

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