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Bedtime story for grown-ups (no music) with gentle soothing voice for sleep (The Silent Princess)

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Welcome to this bedtime story for grown ups (no music version). A soothing tale called "The Silent Princess" by Andrew Lang, spoken with a gentle soothing voice for sleep. Bedtime stories for grown ups are a wonderful way to unwind and get sleepy. They offer a pleasant distraction at the end for your tired body and busy mind to rest and a soft place to land at bedtime. So get comfy and cozy and snuggle up tight and then allow this gentle soothing female voice help you drift off to sleep. Sweet
Joanne ❤
There are a few very unique names in this story and I do apologize if I have mispronounced them!! I tried to do some research on pronunciations but could not find these names anywhere. So keeping my fingers crossed!

Hello! I'm Joanne and I record bedtime stories, guided sleep meditation and ASMR relaxation audios to help you relax and fall asleep! Be sure to subscribe and click on the bell symbol so that you'll be notified whenever I upload a new video :) Hope this video and channel finds you when you most need it!

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