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Apex Predator (Technoblade, GeorgeNotFound, and Dream Animatic)

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Annnnnnndddd...There we go!
Plot twist! Dream was gonna be Cady but after using some brain, he wouldn't fit as well as George would.
This one is mostly fictional cuz I don't plan things out much when I make these. I just thought 'I wanna see Techno as Regina George' and started drawing...80 scenes on a whim.

The song used in this video is "Apex Predator" from Mean Girl the musical
Here's every Youtubers in this animatic:
Cameo Appearance: @A6d @Skeppy @BadBoyHalo @Wilbur Soot @Ph1lza

I'm running out of ideas. If you have a song that you think would make a fun animatic, you can comment it down in the comment section (*gasp* I feel like a Youtuber typing that) or just dm me on Twitter!

Here's where you can find more of my art stuff and get updates on the animatics
Instagran: @Vortex_art_cluster
Twitter: @Vortex_4119

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